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Welcome to the 2017 ICT

International Conference on Thermoelectrics

We invite you to participate at the 36th Annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT), July 31st, 2017 through August 3rd, 2017, at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena CA. This Conference is the 36th in the series of international conferences on thermoelectrics that provides a global forum for presentations and information exchange on the latest emerging thermoelectric technology. This conference series began in 1976 in Arlington, Texas, USA. Since 1988, the ICT has been held in various countries, since the international thermoelectric society typically holds a three year rotation for conference sites between Europe, Asia and the Americas, where most of the activities in thermoelectrics research are located.

2017 ICT Promo Video

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Cutting edge technology, interesting topics, expand your mind and inspire your thoughts.

Expert Speakers

Come listen to and converse with some of the best minds in the thermoelectrics field.

Exhibits & Posters

See the innovative research and projects your colleagues are working on.

Pasadena Convention Center

Pasadena, CA


Our Keynote Speakers

Come listen to the experts in their field

Dr. Edward C. Stone

Edward C. Stone is an internationally known physicist who has served as project scientist for the Voyager program from 1972 to the present. As a graduate student at the University Chicago, he was inspired to enter the fields of planetary science and space exploration by the launch of Sputnik in 1957...[View more in his bio]