Call for Poster Abstracts

Call for Poster Abstracts

Abstract Due Date: July 6, 2017

We look forward to receiving your poster abstracts for the 2017 ICT. All abstracts should fall into one or more of the topics described below and should be 300 words in length or less. Please note that acceptance of an abstract does not waive any applicable registration fees. For questions concerning submission of your abstract, please contact Sherry Johnson at

Download a printable version of the call for abstracts.


Topic 1: Thermoelectric Materials & Modeling

This topic includes existing and emerging thermoelectric (TE) materials across a wide temperature range from 2K-1500K. We are seeking abstracts with a focus on:

  • Classic Thermoelectric Materials (TMM1)
  • New Thermoelectric Materials (TMM2)
    • Silicides (TMM2A)
    • Chalcogenides (TMM2B)
    • Pnictides (TMM2C)
    • Oxides (TMM2D)
    • Others (TMM2E)
  • Novel Processing (TMM3)
  • New TE Phenomena (TMM4)
  • Nanoscale TE Materials (TMM5)
  • TE Transport (Microscale and Nanoscale) Modeling (TMM6)
  • First Principles Modeling (TMM7)
  • Low Dimensional TE (TMM8)
  • TE Characterization Methods (TMM9)
  • Thermomechanical Properties of TE Materials (TMM10)
  • Other Related Materials & Modeling Sub-Topics (TMM11)

Topic 2: Thermoelectric Device Development & Testing

This topic area addresses the evaluation and subsequent fabrication of thermoelectric devices across a wide temperature range, for both power generation and cooling applications. Topics that will be considered include:

  • Materials Selection Criteria (TDT1)
  • Device Architecture (TDT2)
  • Metallization Approaches and Characterization (TDT3)
  • Thermomechanical Stress Calculations using Finite Element Analysis (TDT4)
  • Device Performance Modeling (TDT5)
  • Experimental Performance Validation (TDT6)
  • Thermionic and Thermophotovolatics (TDT7)
  • Other Related Device Development and Testing Sub-Topics (TDT8)

Topic 3: Thermoelectric Systems Design and Applications

This topic addresses the design of thermoelectric systems for both power generation and cooling. Topics that will be considered include:

  • Scalability of Fabrication Methods (e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Bulk Processing, etc.) (TDA1)
  • Module Packaging (TDA2)
  • Heat-Exchanger Design and Integration (TDA3)
  • Thermal Modeling (TDA4)
  • System Level Performance Optimization (TDA5)
  • System Integration and Cost Analysis (TDA6)
  • Feasibility of Large Scale Thermoelectric Systems Across a Wide Temperature Range (TDA7)
  • Feasibility of Small Scale Thermoelectric Systems Across a Wide Temperature Range (TDA8)
  • Feasibility of Hybrid Systems Across a Wide Temperature Range (TDA9)
  • Other Related Systems Design and Applications Sub-Topics (TDA10)